October 14, 2018

It seems to me brides planning their weddings often overlook a few important aspects of Maui weather: rain, humidity and wind.

Yes, it’s paradise, but the Valley Isle still gets rain, humidity and wind—and a lot of it, sometimes.

The chances you will get any of these adverse wedding weather conditions-and how much-depends a LOT on the part of the island you are at and the time of year.Therefore, future brides should think about venues not only in terms of beauty and convenience but also about weather factors.

For example, rain is much more common than many brides suspect. This is especially true in areas such as Kapalua where it rains 156 days on average with a total rainfall of about 29 inches. That’s an average of about 2/10” of inch of rain each day it rains. That’s more than enough to dampen a Maui wedding.

Upcountry and east Maui can be even less predictable and more damp.

Contrast that rainfall to the relatively arid Kihei area. Kihei gets rain only 17 days a year on average with a to...

July 4, 2018

On the phone, I mentioned to the bride-to-be, "maybe you'd like to get in the water after the ceremony for some awesome trash-the-dress shots?"

Bride-to-be: Hmm. Maybe.

She seemed to like the idea. But something was holding her back. I didn't get the impression it was her concern over the dress. 

A few days later I understood much better. 

Things started to become clear when we met the bride and groom-to-be in the parking lot near a Wailea beach.

Her gown wrapped her gently and spilled elegance. But she wasn't constrained by the dress. Instead, her body language seemed eager, adventurous. 

However, the groom's body and the language it spoke said something else.

He's tall, probably 6'2". He has the frame of a runner, muscular and taught. His haircut was short and neat. Glasses sat on top of his nose with purpose. This guy seemed all business. 

After a few minutes of attempted and failed jokes, I could see my usually devastatingly good photographer humor was not going to work. He wasn't abo...

June 15, 2018

1.    Experience. This is, by far, the best index to gauge how likely it is that your wedding film will turn out as a compelling work of art. Experience means how long the photographer has been shooting video, what percentage of their professional time is spent shooting video and how many similar projects they’ve successfully shot. 

There is simply no substitute for time in the craft. 

These days, just about every handheld device seems to shoot video. But that doesn’t mean the people holding those devices are videographers in the sense most brides are looking for. This relates to experience, because a lot of people who have plenty of experience shooting still photos magically became “videographers” when their little cameras started shooting video. The only problem—they have absolutely no other background in video; and that’s a huge separation point. 

A bride to be on Maui should look for a videographer that has experience shooting only video. That’s because such a videographer h...

May 9, 2018

Still, one thing I've noticed after looking at a lot of Maui Video is that sometimes the videographer allows the sunsets at weddings, engagements, beach parties (and whatever else) to steal the show.  Sometimes, that comes at the expense of losing the finer points.  You see a lot of landscape shots in Maui videos, in the technical sense. By that, I mean wide aperture stuff.

April 6, 2015

AKER MEDIA celebrates powerful images wherever they may be found. We live on Maui, but understand beauty is where you find it. 

May 2, 2014

Sometimes, when a dude says, "I don't want my picture taken," the photographer needs to listen. 

May 1, 2014

AKER MEDIA did not shoot these pictures. But they're cool and different than what we see here on Maui so often. So, we published them. 

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