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Maui Wedding Weather And What Brides MUST Know

Maui Wedding Showers

It seems to me brides planning their weddings often overlook a few important aspects of Maui weather: rain, humidity and wind.

Yes, it’s paradise, but the Valley Isle still gets rain, humidity and wind—and a lot of it, sometimes.

The chances you will get any of these adverse wedding weather conditions-and how much-depends a LOT on the part of the island you are at and the time of year.Therefore, future brides should think about venues not only in terms of beauty and convenience but also about weather factors.

For example, rain is much more common than many brides suspect. This is especially true in areas such as Kapalua where it rains 156 days on average with a total rainfall of about 29 inches. That’s an average of about 2/10” of inch of rain each day it rains. That’s more than enough to dampen a Maui wedding.

Upcountry and east Maui can be even less predictable and more damp.

Contrast that rainfall to the relatively arid Kihei area. Kihei gets rain only 17 days a year on average with a total average rainfall of about 12.1 inches a year, according to

My experience bares that out. Kihei and Wailea are much safer bets in terms of rain.

North Kihei can be susceptible to another factor often overlooked. That’s wind. Even on the “leeward side” (not windy side) of Maui, wind is still a factor in some areas. That’s why you see those big windmills on the west mountains between Kihei and Lahaina.

Often in south and especially north Kihei, a stiff trade wind will whip through the area in late afternoons. But quite often the wind dies down just before sunset. That timing can be great for weddings.

One ranking found Kihei was less windy than Kaanapali but more windy than Lahaina. Kihei’s average wind speed was measured at 16.95 (brisk for sure). Lahaina’s was on only 12.85 mph. (See

Time of year definitely makes a difference. Some of the leeward areas are windier during the summer months. Islanders often welcome the breezes. That’s because those winds temper the heat and humidity of boiling July days.

Wedding planners often fail to factor humidity when picking a magical spot for matrimony. But it doesn’t take long for humidity rear its sweaty head on wedding day. I have seen brides look really uncomfortable because of the humidity. Dripping before they get out of make-up. Hair styles that won’t stick because of humidity. At the alter, they do they’re best….but you can see them panting for an end to the misery. This is not exaggeration. I see it through the lens, often.

The Napili area seems to be one of the most muggy places to say, “I do.” It averages about 78% humidity. Kihei is better at 74.89. But when it comes to humidity, Lahaina is the best place to avoid the stickiness. It averages about 73.65. And when it’s hot,

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